What You Need to Know about Natural Latex Mattresses

Finding the optimal bed for you can be challenging. There are many, many, many options and zeroing in on the one mattress that will be a constant source of comfort for several years can be overwhelming. Whether you are purchasing your first mattress or changing out an old one, an all-natural latex mattress can be a great option.   What Does All Natural Mean? Latex can be produced naturally or artificially. All-natural latex comes from rubber trees and may have fewer or no chemicals when compared to artificial latex. These types of mattresses can also be considered organic depending on the trees that were utilized.   How is Latex Foam Made? Latex for mattresses is produced in two different ways. The Dunlop method takes sap from rubber tress, whips it to a froth, steams the material, covers, molds and bakes it.   The Talalay procedure can also be used and requires more steps to vacuum seal the sap and flash freeze it prior to baking. These additional moves create a more consistent cell structure through out the mattress. If you opt for a latex pillow, you should go for one made using the Talalay procedure because the pillow may be softer.   What’s the End Result Like? Mattresses made with the Dunlop procedure tend to be firmer and denser than Talalay mattresses. Because of the density, Dunlop mattresses may also last longer. Which method is right for you may depend on your preference for a softer or firmer bed.   No matter the procedure, natural latex mattresses are a comfortable, supportive choice.   Before you start shopping for a latex mattress, make sure you go online to check mattress reviews. These reviews can help you decide which mattress may be right for you.